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SMART Vision: real-time support

Industrial automation is undoubtedly experiencing a period of unprecedented growth and technological innovation. We can in fact refer to it as an actual revolution, in which the applications of software and hardware systems are increasing with the aim of increasing and improving productivity.

Tecnoservice is an organised, certified and qualified company which has now become a point of reference for the industries that operate in the province of Milan and throughout Lombardy. We have achieved significant results in the implementation of sophisticated architectures, guaranteeing our customers a superior remote assistance service.

We have added the SMART Vision service to the SMARTConditioning service. It is a remote support system that works in real time, in the event that signals are sent to our Control Room regarding verified or potential faults. The video call to the maintenance department is made through latest-generation glasses, performed with SMART Glass architecture.

For further information or to receive constant assistance, even remotely, for industrial systems that use CNC machine tools, please contact us.

SMART Glass: always with you

The SMART Glass service is intended for the maintenance manager at the customer’s premises. The excellent opportunity that this architecture offers is being able to use our remote support, but as though we were actually present on site. We assist from our Control Room to ensure the highest level of support through voice commands and visual instructions, integrating images of the company at which the operator is engaged in working.

It is a system that is particularly suitable for customers with numerous machines that require constant monitoring.


Alternative solutions for every requirement

The SMART Glass service is also designed for customers who have a limited fleet of machines to be controlled or for anyone who chooses not to implement this exclusive technology. The required architecture consists of the use of an application, supported by both smartphones and tablets, thereby making everything extremely user-friendly and portable.

Choose the future of assistance

To find out more about the Tecnoservice SMART services, do not hesitate to contact our innovative and certified company. We will provide you with personalised consultancy and assistance.

We actively operate in the province of Milan and in the main towns of Lombardy.