Maintenance, repair and rental of electric motors

Tecnoservice offers its customers a complete service for every requirement relating to the maintenance and repair of direct current, alternating current, brushless electric motors, servomotors, generators and fans.

The thirty years of experience of our professional staff allows us to manage both the most urgent situations with promptness and professionalism, and to address the most complex problems with competence and flexibility. A team of expert and constantly updated technicians guarantees rapid and robust solutions to meet our customers’ requirements.

Our electronic laboratory has numerous test benches that are used to test the various types of electric motors: these tests reproduce the actual operation of the motors in the machine while ensuring maximum reliability.

For maintenance operations on electric motors, Tecnoservice boasts a well-stocked warehouse of original spare parts (including: brushes, brush holders, complete arcs, tachometers, encoders, resolvers, fans, connectors, etc.) and of multi-brand tools (such as e.g. Siemens, Selca, Heidenhain and Indramat), which means being able to minimise repair times and to guarantee the highest levels of quality. Reconditioned and trade-in motors are also available.

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The correct performing of a professional repair intervention on electric motors means being able to avoid machine downtime and the repetition of problems. Electrical analysis, mechanical controls and testing are just some of the interventions included in our repair service.



The rental of electric motors is a facility that is useful for companies and entrepreneurs. In terms of savings, periodicity of models and diversification of the range, we at Tecnoservice provide the customer with a rental service designed to respond professionally to the continuous technological changes of the sector.

A service studied down to the last detail

At our electro-mechanical workshop, repairs are performed with maximum attention and professionalism, implementing the following procedure:


Recording of receipt


Analysis and preliminary checks for diagnosis of the fault


Dismantling and cleaning


Preparation of the processing sheet and formulation of the estimate


Mechanical and electrical interventions


Rotor and/or stator rewinding both in wire and in plate


Manifold replacement


Replacement of broken and/or worn components


Tacho/resolver/encoder/phonic wheel replacement


Dynamic balancing with digital control


Reassembly and testing with digital control panel or drive suitable for the motor



Correct maintenance for maximum efficiency

The correct functioning of the components, including the motor, is essential to ensure maximum efficiency and performance. Designing a maintenance strategy and offering a monitoring activity that meets the needs of the industrial company are the main objectives of Tecnoservice. To obtain optimal results and to avoid costly downtime, the best option is to request from our company the maintenance, repair and rental services of multi-brand electric motors.

Contact us for details and for further technical information. Tecnoservice offers its services in the province of Milan and in the main towns of Lombardy.