Rental of electric motors

The range of services that we are able to offer relating industrial automation is varied and comprehensive in order to satisfy every specific customer requirement. These include the short or long-term rental of electric motors for industrial systems.

Renting is a valid option for anyone who has requested our repair and seeking to avoid excessively prolonged downtime.

We deal exclusively with the leading brands, including Bosch, Selca, Encoder and Mitsubishi.

Contact us for information and details on electric motor models. We offer our services in the province of Milan and in the main towns of Lombardy.

Rental as a means to avoid downtime

Should a company be experiencing the unpleasant situation of having to manage prolonged machine downtimes, Tecnoservice offers a rental service.

While the electric motor is undergoing repair or maintenance, the workflow is not compromised and neither is the level of productivity.


Rental without constraints

Choosing the rental formula in the event of an electric motor failure is a very affordable option. Firstly, there are no particular constraints that would necessitate extending of the contract: once the part is returned to the customer, the latter can return the rented motor to us at any time. In addition, the rental can be requested not only in the case of assistance but also to avoid the obsolescence of machinery, to upgrade the system or for short projects that would not justify the investment needed in the case of a new purchase.

Why opt for a rental?

In addition to avoiding problematic downtime, choosing a rental can be convenient for many other important reasons. The main ones are listed below:

  • Intervention and assistance service guaranteed if needed.
  • Transparent and complete quotations, with no additional surprises for the customer.
  • The rental cost is fixed.
  • There is no need to worry about devaluation of the model.

Contact us for any further clarification or to request our electric motor rental service. We operate in the province of Milan and in the main towns of Lombardy.