Installation and programming of anthropomorphic robots

In recent years in the area of industrial automation there has been a massive increase in use of anthropomorphic robots. The design and technological features guarantee maximum flexibility and use in a wide range of sectors.

Tecnoservice is a company that specialises in the installation and programming of the latest generation of anthropomorphic robots. These are extremely advanced systems consisting of a mechanical arm with joints and wrist, or a robotic end to which the gripping device is applied. One of the main areas of application is for loading and unloading of the machine part while also being useful in the workflow of a lathe and of a CNC milling machine.

The robots we use ensure maximum efficiency where the handling of objects varies frequently, while having to maintain a high degree of precision.

Automotive, welding, machine tool enslaving and foundry and forging applications are just some of the areas in which the presence of an anthropomorphic robot can make a huge difference.

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The HALTER automation solution offers the possibility to significantly increase the production capacity of CNC machines. It is a particularly intelligent system designed to load the CNC machine with small or medium-sized batches. For further technical details, please download the PDF in the area below.


Our robots

As part of the supply of anthropomorphic robots implemented with the most modern software and hardware components, we at Tecnoservice provide individual industrial companies with a showcase for the purchase of robots. We constantly update the range and respond to every market need. If you haven’t found what you were looking for, simply contact us.

The technology of the future here today

Nowadays, anthropomorphic robots are accessible to many industrial companies, compared to the past when higher prices prevented their widespread use. The devices can be perfectly aligned and included within a production carried out using traditional industrial machines.

It is important to stress that without an adequate programming and tooling base, it will be difficult for the anthropomorphic robot to make a significant difference to the workflow. By using professional and qualified technicians, as members of the Tecnoservice team, the potential of the robotic system can be fully maximised, thanks to its main defining strengths:

  • Flexibility of use;
  • High speed;
  • The ability to work on different levels;
  • A wide range of action in the work area while being compact in size.

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