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SMART Conditioning: the cutting edge of remote assistance

Tecnoservice is proud to provide industrial automation with a remote assistance service for CNC systems and machines: SMART Conditioning.

Monitoring, maintenance and rapid intervention are all actions that we perform in the shortest time possible and with the highest level of efficiency, thanks to a complete architecture of the best technologies.

To create today’s infrastructure, we actively collaborated with the company CEMB, which since 1946 has specialised in the design and production of systems for the measurement, analysis and real-time monitoring of components for machine tools.

If you are looking for a remote control system to effectively manage industrial automations, do not hesitate to contact us. We bring technological innovation to Milan and throughout Lombardy.

SMART Maintenance Control Room

The presence of a Control Room equipped with 3 monitors located at our headquarters is an essential element to remotely analyse the progress of the numerical control work, including the motor, sensors and other accessories. This is a type of remote and real-time assistance: both we and the customer are alerted to any malfunction through Telegram notifications.

Thanks to the exclusive SMART Maintenance service, we are able to control and monitor the machine tools of each individual customer, always and successfully tracking the status of the motor and of each component.


Architecture required for the SMARTConditioning service

To ensure the correct operation of the SMART Conditioning service, the architecture it is based on must have precise and dedicated instrumentation:

  • Control Room;
  • Real-time monitoring software platform;
  • Sensors;
  • Optional web cameras.

What’s involved?

The SMART service for our customers consists of three main actions:

  • Real-time monitoring of machine/system conditions from the Tecnoservice Control Room.
  • Visualisation via Web App (smartphone, tablet and PC) of the maintenance status.
  • Reporting of a potential or actual fault via Telegram notification.

To further implement the technologies for everyday use, do not hesitate to contact us to request our SMART Conditioning service. We actively operate in the province of Milan and in the main towns of Lombardy.