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Heidenhain CNC software and hardware maintenance

Tecnoservice offers its customers a specialised assistance service, both software- and hardware-related, on a wide range of Heidenhain CNC systems.

We specialise in the repair and maintenance of industrial drilling machines and Heidenhain CNC machines. Numerical controls are essential to ensure the correct functioning of milling machines, lathes and of other machinery used in industrial automation.

Please continue reading this section and contact us for any additional information. We operate in the province of Milan and in the main towns of Lombardy.

The historical quality of Heidenhain systems

Since 1979 Heidenhain has been part of the CNC world with the first TNC131/135 paraxial numerical control. Hand in hand with the high level of quality of its measurement systems, it develops and produces new technologies, bringing its products to the market, namely:

  • TNC 145: 3-axis continuous numerical control.
  • TNC 155: 4-axis continuous numerical control.
  • TNC 426: Continuous numerical control with 5-axis digital adjustment.
  • TNC 530: Continuous control with smarT.NC operating mode.
  • TNC 620: continuous numerical control with HSCI serial interface.
  • TNC 640: Continuous numerical control for combined milling and turning machining.

A complete and professional service

Tecnoservice offers its customers a fast and complete assistance service to meet the various needs relating to the Heidenhain numerical controls. A team of qualified and specialist technicians performs professional interventions both in-house and at customers’ premises.

The staff of expert and constantly updated technicians guarantees customers quick and robust solutions to meet any type of requirement relating to the Heidenhain TNC426, TNC530 and TNC640 series.

Assistance for Heidenhain systems

The software and hardware assistance services offered by the Albairate company, in the province of Milan, include:

  • Telephone consultancy for troubleshooting assistance.
  • The sending out of specialist technicians for external assistance and maintenance at the customers’ premises.
  • Preventive maintenance interventions with customer CNC back-up.
  • CNC board repair at the in-house electronic laboratory.
  • The sale and trade-in of CNC cards, always present in the constantly stocked company warehouse.

You can contact us for any additional information by simply filling out the appropriate form. We actively operate in the province of Milan and in the main towns of Lombardy.